Hi. I'm Sharon, the founder of Communilogue.

I believe that empathy is the cornerstone of effective communication and that solid communication is the foundation of optimal team collaboration. Through lectures and workshops, I teach individuals and teams empathy actions that they can take with them to the office to be better communicators, more focused collaborators, more thorough managers and creators of environments ripe for inclusion.

Communicating with Empathy is available on Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning.

I am a life-long stutterer, and I use my speech impediment to teach what empathy is and how to use it as a foundation for positive and effective communication. Stuttering has informed my view of communication as a result of years of being both terrified to speak but also fascinated with the the intricacies of conversation. I've spoken about empathy and communication, vulnerability and my experience as a stutterer at conferences and companies globally.

Here are a few kind words from her listeners:

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