From workshops to guided discussions to live trainings,

Communilogue has your organization covered.

Communilogue helps businesses transform toxic cultures by facilitating conversations around real-world empathy. Since 2015, we have led dialogues around empathy at work at companies, conferences, workshops and events around the world. We specialize in facilitating guided discussions that help individuals and teams engage empathy to the benefit of the organization.

Our experiential in-house breakouts are designed to help your teams engage empathy; they create the platform for teams to speak openly and honestly about empathy at work. Each breakout is designed specifically for individual company’s needs. For more information, contact Sharon for more information.

Engaging empathy on remote teams

The way we work has changed, yet our basic needs as humans - specifically, our desire to interact with others and be engaged by others - remains steady. This breakout is designed for teams that aren’t always together, because those teams have a different set of needs in order to truly feel like a unit. Our core focus in this breakout will be on communicating effectively in spite of the great distances among everyone and engaging genuine empathy through the barriers of remote work.

Communicating with empathy 

Based off of Sharon Steed’s LinkedIn Learning course, this breakout puts individuals in the mindset necessary learn how to communicate empathetically. Exercises are centered around exchanging “sympathy language” in favor of “empathy language,” and group discussions explore how to approach every interaction - especially difficult ones - from a place of empathy. The result of this breakout is that individuals can be more confident communicators and teams more effective collaborators.