The Three Pillars of The Empathy Mindset

Sharon teaches corporate and professional audiences how to attain The Empathy Mindset needed to achieve three goals: connect; improve corporate culture; and increase team collaboration. What is The Empathy Mindset? Sharon uses her inspirational story as a lifelong stutter to motivate audiences and teach them practical ways to embody active empathy. 

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Collaboration at it's core is an act of great empathy, yet most leaders don't know how to foster a truly collaborative environment. So how do you get teams to connect? By encouraging, sharing, and being openly human.

Many leaders and corporate cultures often fall into the a collaboration trap due to a lack of practical understanding of the Empathy Mindset. This often results in a bad leader inadvertently destroying a cohesive and productive team. Ronald E. Riggio Ph.D, When a Bad Leader Ruins a Good Team. (Follow him on Twitter). Though this collaboration trap occurs frequently, it is easy to avoid by applying the skills and techniques needed to embody the Empathy Mindset.

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The Empathy Mindset in Action

The basis for a collaborative culture is positive and effective communication which begins and ends with the Empathy Mindset. Empathy in your company culture means: Your employees will be more invested in listening to their coworkers; they’ll be patient in every situation; and Diversity will no longer be just an initiative, but a way of life."

-Sharon Steed

Most humans are capable of being good empathizers on a one-on-one basis, but we’re often not naturally good empathizers when trying to be empathetic to a group. The good news is, everyone can learn the tools needed to be better empathizers. All of this will result in a more collaborative culture, and collaboration always drives the bottom line


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